About Pollica


The conference center is based in Pollica, a beautiful village of about two thousand inhabitants in the heart of Cilento, located on the slopes of Monte Stella but at the same time a few minutes from the Tyrrhenian coast.

Already center of interest for the valorization of the Mediterranean diet, Pollica is one of the central reasons for the international attractiveness of the PPC project. In particular, the peaceful setting, the excellent cuisine and local hospitality, as well as the proximity to the sea, make it a destination of interest for international scholars, as testified by the success of the conferences organized in the past years.

The venue for the events organized by the PPC is the fourteenth-century Castle of the Princes Capano, given in concession by the Municipality of Pollica for the duration of the activities of the PPC. Recently restored and equipped with an excellent Wi-Fi system, the castle has a main room with all the necessary multimedia equipment, hosting the plenary sessions of the conferences; the numerous secondary rooms, already equipped with blackboards, are instead ideal for encouraging discussion and collaboration of smaller groups of researchers.